Agribusiness Systems and Technologies Limited (A leading Agribusiness Strategy and Management Consultancy Firm in Africa) is registered Nigeria’s Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) with Registration No. 1093212. The Firm which is based in Abuja, Nigeria is created to provide a high quality, hitech and personalized consulting services to the agribusiness entities. Our aim is to help our clients achieve increased growth, sustainability and profitability in

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their agribusinesses through the development and management of comprehensive agribusiness strategies and online and technology integration programs. The Firm was formed in 2003 to provide agribusiness management consultancy services in Nigeria with services ranging from agribusiness strategy development, agribusiness facilitation and management, coaching, agribusiness specialized online marketing solutions and technology integration all to drive growth, sustainability and profitability in agribusiness.

Our team has worked on quite a high number of cases across agricultural value chains to achieve superior results and business outcomes which is to align with agricultural trends and opportunities in order to build proven and successful agribusiness models. It also serves clients in a broad range of agricultural sectors and industries continent wise. Our team assists also on essential strategies that will determine their successes, and support them in the successful implementation of those strategies and to focus on our clients; shareholders, customers, employees and communities.


Our Style

Our Firm also provide CEOAgribusinessAdvisor platform which mainly designed to advise Agribusiness CEOs and Owners of Small, Medium -Size and Large Companies with the needed expertise and focus, coupled with hands-on advice to grow their agribusiness to the next level.


FocusOur Focus

We are poised and continue to create a value-based agribusiness strategy and management style which address the complexities in food and agriculture environment nationally, regionally and globally and ensure agribusiness growth, sustainability and profitability.


What We Do

We also draw on our expertise and experience across food and agriculture industries and technology industries and capabilities to develop and implement modern solutions that deliver best results and outcomes. We also maintain a network of agribusiness experts and collaborate with agribusiness Owners to take advantage of the opportunities across these industries. We help our clients to also build their growth strategies and adjust them with emerging challenges with sole goal of generating significant and tangible value for our clients.


Our Team

We have an extensive and diverse team of Experts ready to serve the needs of clients. Please contact us to submit an agribusiness inquiry. The Team also advises clients across the entire agribusiness value chains in addressing a range of strategic, commercial and operational issues as well as understands the unique dynamics and economics of agricultural markets, critical issues and challenges facing operators seeking to grow and elevate their performance

Our Team also works with agribusiness industry players and investors across virtually all segments of the crop, livestock and aquaculture value chains, including agricultural inputs, equipment and machinery, large-scale cultivation, processing/milling/refining, logistics and distribution and online solutions. Our deep agribusiness sector expertise and growth strategy development capabilities enable us to deliver uniquely rich insights that lead to meaningful impact to our clients.

Core areas of focus include;

  • Agribusiness Growth
  • Sustainability and Profitability
  • Agribusiness Project Proposal
  • Process Improvement
  • Agribusiness Feasibility Studies
  • Agribusiness Plan
  • Branding
  • Consumer Service
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online and Technology Integration
  • Agribusiness Management


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Adewale Ilesanmi, Principal Consultant & Founder

Adewale Ilesanmi is a Nigeria’s Agribusiness and Enterprise Strategist with a very strong belief to turn his passion to profit for others, a Coach, an Author, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker Agribusiness Turnaround Specialist and also an Agribusiness Specialized Digital Marketing Expert with a rare passion, in-depth knowledge, smart ideas, time-tested solutions, proven strategies and generates extra-ordinary results in agribusiness and enterprise development.