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Agribusiness Strategies Series is one of the training products of our company which is created to provide timeless and tested business principles for its workability in the field of agriculture and also to drive agribusiness growth, sustainability and Profitability.

The agricultural entrepreneurship and agribusiness training are provided to agribusiness owners so they have the skills and knowledge required to operate profitable businesses.

These training are provided as;

  • Open Workshop: It is a 2-day instructors-led presentation training course holding once a month in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and Port-harcourt in Nigeria and there is a future plan for expansion to other countries outside Nigeria. This training accommodates small groups of agribusiness owners and professionals (15-20 pax) who run their own individual agribusiness, but have similar training needs.
  • One-on One Coaching:   Private coaching allows for the most intensive work on your entrepreneurial skills and agribusiness management . Let us work 1-on-1 in the comfort of your office or residence in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt etc.
  • Corporate Training: Today, corporate and business professionals need competent skills to operate and manage their agribusinesses. In-house training for your team, managers and staff is deliverable in your premises or office in Nigeria.


This is an agribusiness specialized digital marketing platform which is termed as Agribizsms/Agribizmail: Africa’s First Agribusiness Specialized Digital Marketing Solution and which is created by the Company in order to double sales and increase consumer coverage of agribusiness entities through our targeted blasting of SMS and E-Mail Marketing to promote your products and services, campaigns, broadcast, product launch, sharing of other information about your activities, anywhere, anytime and any day.


This is our only product in what is currently known as AGRO-REAL ESTATE. It is created with the main objective of building a virile agribusiness community everywhere in Nigeria. It is built of these three pyramids of investment concept. Namely, Farm, Business and Residence. It is located in nine (9) states which include Abuja, Edo, Benue, Ogun, Enugu, Kaduna, Akwa-ibiom, Cross rivers and Lagos States.


The three pyramids are broken down into;


  • A single niche of agricultural product which will be produced by every member of the community
  • Well segmented and distinctively laid-out farms
  • Fully irrigated farmlands
  • Highly accessible farmlands
  • Well secured environment
  • Tractor House/Workshop
  • Agro-processing center


  • Agribusiness School
  • AgriMarket Hub with trade centers and mini-offices


  • A 4-beedroom terrace apartment with in-built mini storage facilities
  • Drainage System
  • Tarrred Roads to Residence
  • Sport facilities
  • Internet facilities



blaze farms (2)

Blaze Farm is being managed by one of our Companies, Blaze Agricultural Enterprises Limited. It is designed as a full value chain entity with operations on production, processing and packaging of agricultural products. It is targeted to produce only premium agricultural products specifically for supermarkets, grocery stores, food and fruit manufacturing companies and for exports.




Wattz Enterprise Academy is an institution dedicated to research, advocacy, training and education on expanding entrepreneurial liberty, increasing individual opportunity and strengthening enterprise in Nigeria. Its platforms of idea pursuit include independent thinking, open debate, reasoned argument, facts and the highest standards of research and exposition. It also covers issues of policy, corporate governance, leadership, economics and social welfare among others. The academy is based in Abuja, Nigeria.



Enterprise Special Class is a roundtable discourse platform for engagement of scholars, experts, students, industry players, government officials etc on enterprise development in the Country. It is also a platform to present research works of the academy. As part of main specialties, it focuses mainly carrying out empirical analysis, intellectual depth and originality, unflinching criticism and concrete proposals for enterprise reform. Its activities will also be followed by a constitution of an enterprise club.