Majorly, our unique and specialized services include;

  • Agribusiness Strategy Development
  • Agribusiness Facilitation
  • Online and Technology Integration
  • Coaching
  • Advisory Services



We are deeply involved in strategy development as we strongly believe that strategy determines your success in business and so to succeed in agribusiness, therefore you must think strategically, selflessly and profitably. In agribusiness, apart from all other value activities within the sector, you must also focus on these three areas; Market, Research and Technology. This is to create a value-based agribusiness strategy in order to address the complexities in food and agriculture environment. This is also involved inputs, tools, techniques and outputs.


Here, we focus mainly on strategies that drive growth, sustainability and profitability in agribusiness, especially small and growing agribusinesses which need to be provided with general knowledge around key concepts and principles relating to how to effectively manage and run their agribusinesses at this time of economic downturn, understand on how to plan and to successfully manage agribusiness entity in order to drive growth, sustainability and profitability.

Our major areas of focus include the followings;

  • Agribusiness Growth
  • Sustainability and Profitability
  • Agribusiness Project Proposal Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Agribusiness Feasibility Studies
  • Agribusiness Plan Development
  • Branding
  • Consumer Service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Agribusiness Project Planning and Management



This is also one area of our core competences which is mainly about the process of designing and running a successful agribusiness, establishment and management. We undertake all the tasks needed to run a productive agricultural venture where we assist agribusiness entities to improve their business so they earn a sufficient reliable income and manage their business. For every business and same for every country, there are rules that business are meant to comply with. These are what ensure more trade, more investment and more growth in any country.

Agribusiness as a specialized kind of business has specific country’s rules and we guide agribusinesses with our team of Experts in the field of agriculture. It is multi-faceted approach to assisting agribusiness owners to improve their business so they earn a sufficient reliable income and ensure ease flow of needed resources.

We operate this under 3 identified components in facilitating agribusinesses and these are;

Component 1:   Understanding investment climate, regulation, competitiveness and capacity to attract agribusiness investment

We always study on investment climate, regulations and examine which sectors and sub-sectors within a location is competitive for investment by gathering relevant benchmarked data to illustrate the sector’s competitiveness vis-à-vis other competing locations and also undertake a SWOT analysis of the agribusiness sector to determine promising subsectors.

Component 2:     Identify and gather key information to promote for investment

In achieving, ASTL and its Team carry out the assessment of the internal staff capacity, identify weaknesses in agribusiness knowledge, and train or recruit staff with sector expertise. Other areas that are also covered include; gathering and analyzing information on relevant topics, such as public policy and programmes, land availability (ownership, transfer, titling, and leasing), labor force, infrastructure, finance, power, and so on.

Component 3:       Implement best investment promotion and facilitation Practice

Our Firm also apply general best practice standards comparable to any country in the world in facilitating investment into agriculture. The Team also establishes link with interested investors and provide guidance on the next steps required in moving the project forward which is mainly done to strengthen the linkages between foreign investment projects and local producers and service providers which will invariably will ensure the maximization of project’s business outcomes and contribute effectively to the country’s economy.



Our focus is to ensure always that information technology and the Internet provide the platform for new models for conducting business to be possible and practical. We are up to date in today’s business and its requirement in order to create a product or services in agribusiness which you can push your business right to the door steps of the consumers, simply put, create easy and use for your products. We also promote technology that support the achievement of exceptional consumer service and people relationship. Likewise, we are also involed in providing and incorporating of modern and state of the earth machineries and plants also ensure that agricultural produce are processed in order to enhance quality and increase quantity available to the consumers. Agriculture must be mechanized in order to meet up the demand of food and agricultural products and ensure that standard and safety of these products are complied for national, regional and especially the global markets.

It is no more acceptable to do business manually, you have to automate. Your process and gadget should make better, safer, simpler, work faster and make life easier.     The global food and agriculture industry has undergone significant structural changes in recent years that have created opportunities for smallholder farmers in developing nations. The inclusion of these smallholders in agribusiness supply chains offers significant opportunities as well as challenges. ICTs and modern machineries and plants that can aid smallholders and big agribusinesses in taking advantage of opportunities in creating quality and large products, reaching more consumers and expanding their market base and mitigating some of the challenges facing the industry.


The Agribusiness Strategies Series platform which is the training segment of this website and everything our firm does also is to provide timeless and tested business principles for its workability in the field of agriculture. This is also to drive agribusiness growth, sustainability and Profitability which also supports Agripreneurs to improve their business by these two activities;

  • Supporting Individuals and or Organizations to acquire the behaviors, knowledge, skills and networks required to run profitable agribusinesses.
  • Supporting the agribusiness entities to improve the business environment so it is an easier place to run a business.

on hand coaching

Agricultural entrepreneurship and agribusiness training are provided to agribusiness owners so they have the skills and knowledge required to operate profitable businesses.

These training are provided as;

  • Open Workshop: It is a 2-day instructors-led presentation training course holding once a month in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and PortHarcourt in Nigeria and there is a future plan for expansion to other countries outside Nigeria. This training accommodates small groups of agribusiness owners and professionals (15-20 pax) who run their own individual agribusiness, but have similar training needs.
  • One-on One Coaching:   Private coaching allows for the most intensive work on your entrepreneurial skills and agribusiness management . Let us work 1-on-1 in the comfort of your office or residence in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt etc.
  • Corporate Training: Today, corporate and business professionals need competent skills to operate and manage their agribusinesses. In-house training for your team, managers and staff is deliverable in your premises or office in Nigeria.


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The concept behind the agribusiness mentorship is to turn agribusiness opportunities into realities for start-ups and other small and growing agribusinesses. For entrepreneurs, turning a passion into a business is the ultimate dream. But that dream doesn’t come easily. It’s hard work, and there are challenges around every corner. Entrepreneurs don’t have to go it alone. Their chance of success increases with access to the business knowledge and guidance of experienced professionals and other Agri-preneur.

Another product being run also is called AgriMentorship– a customized and branded portal which is accessible from everywhere, allowing your members and the community you serve to begin a meaningful mentoring relationship, no matter where they are located as well as provide a platform where agri-preneurs and other professionals in agriculture meet. It’s a free, easy-to-use service that connects agri-preneurs with volunteer mentors so they can solve problems and build agribusinesses together. With a growing community and a record of thousands of mentor-mentee matches, AgriMentorship’s mission is to leverage the power of mentoring to help start-ups, small and growing agribusinesses thrive.

Every mentor brings a unique set of experiences to the AgriMentorship community. Whether Agripreneurs need help with agribusiness planning, market and sales strategy, finance, branding, customer service, online integration or some other areas, they can find a match on AgriMentorship that will offer solutions.

If you are interested in our mentorship program, Click here

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The advisory services are provided by volunteers who are seasoned professionals with high degree of practical, technical and agribusiness expertise from relevant but diverse disciplines which will help Agripreneurs to do better business but in particular, there are three primary reasons why value-added advisory services are provided:

  • Increase revenue for agribusinesses:  Assist agribusinesses to earn increased revenue and maintain additional revenue streams and are more profitable and ensure faster growth
  • Empower agribusinesses: Empower agricultural firms to offer a higher level of service, and operate at a sustainable economic of scale
  • Deepen client relationships: Help a client do better business and the unlock great opportunities in agribusiness.